janet galore in berlinJanet was born and raised in Seattle. Drawn to both art and technology, she looks for opportunities to combine the two. She received a BS degree in pure mathematics from the University of Washington, and continued there with three years of graduate studies in pure and applied mathematics. She later became executive producer at Zombie VR Studios. There she designed and produced real-time 3D games for PCs and consoles, and oversaw music video and VR ride projects. After freelancing in Honolulu for a year, Janet returned to Seattle to work with Honkworm International, where she served as VP of Content and created and animated the “photosurrealistic” style of Honkworm’s award-winning FishBar series. She later joined Microsoft, and during her 10-year tenure, Janet worked for Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, Craig Mundie, first as a program manager in the Strategic Prototyping group, and later as speech director, working on long-term technology strategy, presentation content and design. Janet is currently Creative Director of Amazon’s Concept Lab, where she leads a team designing new customer experiences 3-5 years out. She is a named inventor on over 8 patents.

Janet has has co-curated a number of art exhibitions and continues to create her own artwork. She and her husband, Demi Raven, own a project-oriented creative space called The Grocery on North Beacon Hill in Seattle, where they make artwork and films, and host artists, pop-up exhibitions, and film screenings.

She currently serves on King County’s 4Culture Public Art Advisory Committee, on the board of directors at Arts Corps, and in the past has served on the board of directors at the Center on Contemporary Art (COCA) and WorldChanging. She has contributed to a handful of books on Flash, and wrote Flash MX Design for TV and Video for Wiley Publishing.

Contact: janetgalore (at) live dot com. See full resume here.

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