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Locus was the first game Janet Galore worked on at Zombie, as co-designer and producer. We had a very small team, and it was the first game designed from the ground up to be played with a head-mounted display such as Virtual i-O i-Glasses, CyberMaxx, or Forte VFX1. The game handled 6 degrees of freedom (yaw, pitch, and roll) so it really felt like you were inside the game. We also supported force-feedback joysticks. Ah, the good old days. The system requirements below show just how long ago that was.

This page is based on Zombie's original site.

Hear Andrei Codrescu experience the game.

A Virtual Reality Sports Game
: Experience

true VR gaming with Locus. Stunning 3D
graphics immerse you in a play-fast/play-hard
game of elimination. Network up to nine
players (three teams of three) for fast and furious
game play. You should know this game was
engineered for play inside of a Head Mounted
Display. Play Locus and you are playing in VR.

Original music by Roland Barker

Animations by Guy Hundere


screen shot 1

screen shot 2

screen shot 3

screen shot 4


Power Macintosh:®: Power Macintosh with System 7.5 or higher.
8MB of RAM or more.
12 MB available hard disk space.
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster.
Supports mouse and joystick. 13" color monitor.
QuickTime(R) 2.1 and Sound Manager(TM) 3.1 (included).

IBM PC Windows®95/DOS®:
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster.
486DX2/66 minimum required.
Windows(R)95 or MS-DOS(R)6.0 or higher
12 MB of available hard disk space.
8 MB of RAM or more.
Supports mouse and joystick.
Supports Sound Blaster(TM) and 100% compatible sound cards.
VESA-compliant graphics card with 512 K video memory.

Published by GT Interactive

©1996 ZOMBIE Virtual Reality Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Zombie Studios
Roland Barker
Guy Hundere
Head-mounted displays
Download the DOS version from myabandonware.com


Created and developed by Zombie Virtual Reality Entertainment
Exec Producer - Mark Long
Producer - Janet Galore
Technical lead/3D coding - Christine McGavran
Senior programmer - Mike Dussault
Original game concept - Mark Long, Joanna Alexander
Animation/arena design - Guy Hundere
Artificial intelligence - Gregg Seelhoff
3D Sound code - Jay Prince
Installation and interface coding - Mark Kreitler
Music composition/sound design - Roland Barker
Packaging and advertising - Lisa Liedgren
Modeling - Rick Welsh
Interface art - Joseph Walker
Modeling/arena art/animation - Kathy Buchheit
Digital sound effects - Clatter & Din
Manual and story line - Edward Galore
Macintosh version - Jay Bartot
PlayStation version - AfterScience

locus cover

sphere arena


torus arena

face off

christine, mike, janet


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