Design is at the heart of my professional and artistic work. When faced with a creative challenge, I employ user experience design to articulate clear goals and understand the user, come up with a variety of approaches, recombine and refine, sketch, prototype, and iterate to arrive at a useful and engaging solution. My work spans early days designing posters and visuals for promotional materials, to designing curricula for training programs, to content publishing, to video games, entertainment experiences and digital products. Today most of my design work is creative direction, ux design, and envisioning future experiences, a variety of which have become features or new products.

connected experiences 2011

This concept shows a variety of connected experiences flowing across displays and devices. Contextual understanding, machine vision, touch, gesture, and other interaction modalities are explored.

public safety concept 2009

This was a presentation by Craig Mundie at the Government Leaders Forum in 2009, showing two scenarios: the first using mobile phones and social media to recover from a hurricane, and the second a public health worker monitoring a potential flu outbreak.

visual web demo 2008

This is a presentation by Craig Mundie of the demo we called “visual web.” In 2008, most of the concepts shown were new (or certainly had not been combined in this way), and things like large touch screens did not exist yet. We created our own touch displays, and designed the interfaces that would drive these new experiences. See the next video, “wayfinding 2008,” for a proof-of-concept of using a mobile device to get augmented experiences on a real street.

wayfinding 2008

This is a proof-of-concept showing augmented reality on a micro PC (mobile phones did not yet have the computing power to do the machine vision in real-time). We were very pleased with how well the system was able to recognize the buildings and street locations.

visual search concept 2010

This was part of a concept demo Craig Mundie gave during his college tour in 2010 at the University of Washington. It described new ways of searching for and exploring web content.

medical bayesian kiosk 2010

This is a concept video that shows a real, working avatar system exploring “situated interaction”  to help triage a pediatric patient in rural India.Technologies included Bayesian networks, machine vision, natural language processing, contextual understanding. Eric Horvitz and Dan Bohus created all the technology shown. More here:

Here are a few examples of my visual design.

santa safety card
santa safety card
exhibition poster
exhibition poster
party invitation for honkworm
party invitation for honkworm