nyt feature on the grocery studios

We are honored that The Grocery Studios was featured in the New York Times “On Location” column on March 21st! Mutuus Studio, our architects and design partners, have the common practice of pitching project stories to publications. We co-wrote a description of the project, and Mutuus did a photo shoot of the spaces in the building. Demi and I documented the artists whose work was in view for each photo. So we had an understanding that some publication might pick it up… but when we heard that the NYT wanted to feature it, we were floored! Tim McKeogh did an in-depth interview with Demi and me, and sent Seattle-based photographer Morris Moreno to capture some of the upstairs and exterior with his incredible storytelling.

The result was What’s It Like to Live in a Grocery Store? Surprisingly Comfortable, including a slide show. We’re pleased that the story captures a lot about the vision and what we are trying to do in the community with fellow artists and culture makers.

Photo: Morris Moreno for the New York Times