pocket deity at orcas paley

Pocket Deity is an art exhibition at Orcas Paley in Seattle running October 15 – 31 2021. I was invited by co-curator Eve Cohen to create something for the show. I loved and was inspired by the theme, which is “an examination of little prayers, tiny rituals, and the portable divine.” Eve mentioned perhaps making a tiny video installation, and I had been thinking that I wanted to do something with a TinyCircuits 3D printed TV. I agreed. I also had some other ideas of new techniques I wanted to try.

I ended up showing some small original porcelain works and some collage with found porcelain, in addition to a tiny video installation.

It’s a wonderful show with over 30 artists, curated with Eve Cohen and Nancy Deal. On view at Orcas Paley through October 31, 600 Pine St., on the main floor of Pacific Place in downtown Seattle, Tuesdays-Saturdays 11-6, Sundays 12-5, Mondays by appointment.

Here’s an installation view of 5 Prayers and a Curse

5 Prayers and a Curse is a miniature video installation. Looping video presented on a TinyCircuits 3D printed TV, created for the Pocket Deity exhibition at Orcas Paley in Seattle, October 2021. An edition of 5.
Film, animation, sound, and music by janet galore © 2021