rock garden: generator

“Rock Garden: Generator” is a site-specific installation created for the Goodwitch / Badwitch group exhibition at the Museum of Museums in Seattle from March 2020 – August 2021.

“Rock Garden: Generator” is a projection-mapped art installation and soundscape which uses surrealist methods to influence quantum uncertainties. By walking in, the viewer activates a digital ritual, inducing an altered state of mind and the ability to shift future outcomes. The artwork blends physical and digital perceptions by imbuing inanimate objects with a sense of life and character. The natural movements and appearances of the eyes when mapped onto the rocks, each with their own color, texture, and shape, create a unique character for each rock creature. The rock garden of eyes may be perceived as one entity, or as a collection of multiple entities. The soundscape drifts between moods, responding to and interacting with the actions and emotions of the rocks to create different atmospheres within the space.

The installation is constructed of projection-mapped video onto river rocks that sit upon a low platform in a semi-dark, small room, or area of a larger room. An ambient soundscape emanates from the platform, filling the room. When the viewer enters the space, the soundscape shifts, and the eyes on the rocks wake up, moving in a synchronized animated sequence, yet each as individuals. When the viewer leaves the space, the rocks and soundscape return to a sleeping state.

Filming, animation, installation, and soundscape by Janet Galore © 2020. With deepest thanks to Jacob Fennell for interaction design and programming.