science + tech implications for art and performance

On December 8, I’ll be one of the speakers at the symposium at Northwest Film Forum, “Futures: Trends in Science + Technology & their Implications for Art + Performance.” It’s free – register here:

What are some current trends in science and technology, and what effect might these ideas and activities have on art and performance? The day will consist of five 50 minute sessions, each a lecture or a discussion. Each session will look at trends and possible futures for a specific area of science or technology and how artists and performers might begin to embrace what’s coming. The five sessions will be followed by a casual gathering, an opportunity to meet and talk with the speakers and fellow participants.

Janet Galore, interdisciplinary artist, designer, and Co-Director of The Grocery Studios, will explore how the data we generate by simply living drives some of the most important advances in technology. We’ll look at the current landscape, examples of artists taking data into their own hands, and discuss opportunities to interrogate, shift, and reclaim the ways data is used to shape our society.

image for Futures: Trends in Science + Technology & their Implications for Art + Performance