thinking about guns

I have a few pieces in an art exhibition opening this Friday, June 14th, at Bherd Studios Gallery. The exhibition, Second Amendment: A Visual Dialog. In particular, I’m pretty pleased with a little video installation I made called “untitled (AKA gunnilingus).”

Update: The Stranger posted a nice review of the show and the video piece:

Curator Siolo Thompson asked me a few questions about my work, and posted some kind words in the interview:


(Many thanks to Johan Liedgren.)

From the exhibition invite:

There are few issues In America as controversial as the Second Amendment. Recent events have further polarized Americans and our local community on a topic that has always had explosive undercurrents.  Whether you are a gun aficionado, a marksman, an anti-firearm activist, or simply a concerned citizen, chances are, guns and gun control legislation are a topic you have recently given thought to.

Join artists in a visual dialog with the community that questions, examines, celebrates, criticizes, and queries the right to bear arms. This exhibit will include artists who are gun collectors and artists who are anti-firearm activists and those who hold opinions that range between the two extremes.

This collection will debut at Bherd Studios on June 14, 2013 and run through July 3.
Artist roster includes: Rodrigo Valenzuela, Greg Lundgren, Kate Protage, Adream de Valdivia, Frank Germano, Rick Klu, Daniel Voelker, Tatiana Kalderash, Crystal Barbre, Stanley Porkoski, Sam Wood, Janet Galore and, Julian DiMarco.