waterfall at estuary

“Waterfall” was a site-specific projection mapping by Janet Galore onto shipping containers at “Estuary” by Christian French. Estuary, part of Duwamish Revealed, evoked the meandering original flow of Seattle’s Duwamish river with massive shipping containers arranged on the industrial shore of the river today. Christian opened up his site to other artists, and invited me to do some projections. While in Croatia, I filmed the footage used in “waterfall” as well as underwater scenes that appeared in the interior of one of the shipping containers (though it doesn’t show well in this documentation).

I hoped to create a somewhat surreal situation by projecting an intimate and small-scale scene (water falling over a cupped hand) projected at a massive scale, juxtaposing natural and industrial, to echo the host installation. That summer was particularly dry and hot, and water pouring over dusty, well-worn shipping containers was a luxurious feeling.

Music in the video was being performed by Mark Johnson.

Thanks to Christian French, Nicole Kistler, Sarah Kavage, and Demi Raven.